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The site has been updated and relocated as Geocities is closing down. This fan site has been located on Geocities for many years. Penny is keen to see the site continue so I have located it to pastures new. Below is a short message from Penny.



Since my last competition I have continued to train without missing a workout!! I also did some triathlons for a while. Recently, I have been told by a local guy in the gym, that I am strong enough to set a world bench press record for my age/weight so I am going to attempt that. Why not?

I live on a river at the entrance to the Smoky Mountain National Park. I have guest cabins that I have been using for family and friends, but I am considering doing all inclusive Fitness Retreats on the property. I have a small gym across the river where I canoe to work, plus I have the entire national park, and a river to utilize for the retreats. It is in the planning stages. I used a friend as a guinea pig and she lost 10 pounds in one week!

So, here I am in the mountains enjoying everything nature gives me.