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Competition History


On this page I will put any information that I can on Penny's bodybuilding & fitness career.

Penny's Competition Results (Please send me any that are not listed here)

1982 Ms. Springfield 1st

1982 Ms. Missouri 1st

1983 Ms. Region 8 1st

1983 Ms. Midwest 1st

1983 Ms Mid-Central USA 1st

1984 Ms. America

1986 Pro World 7th

1986 Ms. International 9th

1986 Ms. Olympia 15th

1988 Ms. Pro World Championship 16th

1988 Ms. Pro World Championship 15th

1989 Ms. International 15th

1990 Ms. Olympia 17th

1991 Grand Prix Italy 12th

1995 Fitness Olympia 10th

Interview Extract with Penny (From February '97 HealthBeat Report)

Orlando, FL: If you're trying to build muscle and burn body fat, do you need to eat a high-protein diet? And what about lifting weights? Does it guarantee success? When it comes to strength training, myths abound. For the past 16 years, bodybuilder Penny Price has sculpted her body into a form that wins national awards and makes magazine covers. Her secret. Eating right and lifting weights several times a week. Dietary supplements. the pills and potions that promise quick, amazing results, have not however, been part of her fitness program.

Penny Price, Personal trainer: "There's just a lot of things on the market that Iíve seen come and go and most of them don't work. Most of them are fads. I'm fairly pessimistic about it."

Marcia Bashore, M.S. , Exercise Physiologist, Reebok Sports Club, New York, NY: "Not everybody can build larger muscles and women more so than men have a more difficult time building up any muscle. You can get nicer shape and tone to a muscle. But for some people, they can lift weights five times a week and two hours a day and really see very little significant change in their muscle size."

But Bashore still encourages people to visit the gym. Lifting weights is guaranteed to improve muscle definition in everyone. And no matter how serious you get about the sport, veteran weight trainer Penny Price says it's important to keep your head on straight.

Penny Price: "If you take it too seriously it will start to interfere with other areas of your life. Your home and your work, you have to kind of keep it all in focus."